Background Check – Are Private Investigators Licensed To Do It


The increasing possibility of being deceived by a job applicant, an online dater or a prospect tenant has made a lot of people including businesses extra cautious these days. This has also magnified the importance of background checks as the best defense against possible fraud.


There are companies that offer employee or tenant background checking and screening services. But they are no match for the tried and tested professional who has the capability to deliver efficient background checking results consistently with a personal touch.


Private investigators are versatile individuals. They can do a wide array of services but background checking is one of the things they can do best and with excellent results. The good thing about private investigators is that they have access to certain databases that are not open to the general public. This allows them to delve deep into a job applicant’s criminal, employment, financial, credit, educational and military histories. Other companies that offer similar services are not able to provide results that are as detailed and comprehensive as the results gathered and delivered by a private investigator.


Private investigators also perform background checking jobs for people who want to ensure:


1. That the person they want to marry is really single or divorced and has no criminal record


2. The financial capability and credit history of a person who wants to rent an apartment or condo unit


If you want to get good results of background checks that you want on individuals who want to work for you or be a part of your life, you should consider using a private investigator. A good PI has license, experience, access, techniques and the right attitude to successfully deliver the results you want.