Private Investigator: Surveillance Technique

ImageEvidence gathering on a case is carried out covertly to avoid the possibility of the private investigator to get discovered. In this manner, a large part of a private investigator’s job involves surveillance. Every Pittsburgh private investigator firm for example has the capability to do it efficiently. Surveillance should be done with vigilance in order for a case at to be  successful. When it comes to this method of investigation, every private investigator uses various techniques to remain unnoticed not only by the subject but also by the general public. There is a big chance that the general public will call the police if they see someone acting suspiciously. This will blow your cover and you end up losing the case.

A part of conducting surveillance is tailing the subject on foot. A private investigator follows their subject at a discreet distance. The way he or she follows the subject depends on the place, if the subject is walking on a busy street the private investigator stay close and keep the subject in sight at all times but if the subject is walking in a quiet street the private investigator do not follow the subject too closely. There are instances that subject will turn around, the private investigator will just walk pass him or her, make a stop in a shop to look at the display on the window or pretending to make a phone call. The private investigator avoids sudden action or staring at the subject because it can arouse suspicions.

Private investigators also tail their subject using a car. They carefully follow the subject’s car about two or three car lengths behind. They also regularly change lanes. There are instances that subject will become suspicious and will frequently checks behind. If this happens what private investigators do is that they let other cars come in between them both. Also they sometimes break the tailing so that they will not blow their cover. They can’t just use the same cars when tailing their subject; they use different cars to make sure that the subject will not be aware of their presence.

When it comes to conducting surveillance it is important that private investigators blend in. They often change their appearance to suit their location. It has to be perfect so that it will not raise some suspicion such as when the subject that they are tailing enter a high class restaurant they can’t just barge in wearing casual clothing, they need to also to look like a top class citizen by wearing a tuxedo. Taking photographs or video during surveillance requires special skills and the right equipment. This is why private investigators train hard to achieve such skill in surveillance. They take detailed photographs on their subject such as license plates, subject’s companions, subject’s location and many more.

ImageAs stated in an article from the University of Missouri-St. Louis, private investigators frequently work irregular hours because of the need to conduct surveillance and contact people who are not available during normal working hours. Early morning, evening, weekend, and holiday work is common. Private Investigation is indeed can be both challenging and an exhilarating field.

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